The Captain

185431_331055653652008_588170936_nLucas Foschi, your captain, was born in Treviso (Italy) has been passionate about extreme sports such as skydiving, mountain climbing, skiing, scuba diving and of course to the sea and sailing for over 20 years, please, allow him to navigate.

He have been arrived to Asia in 1995 with so many plans to build up Independent (Hans Christian 52), started to navigate exploring in many countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Borneo and the islands of the China Sea. Later in 2007  was the launch of Independent that under the gaze of Buddhist friends and family, start a new adventure that never forget.

The Lucas’s idea in sailing charter is to offer luxury and comfortable with intelligence for customers browsing the most beautiful islands in Thailand. On board, an excellent Italian restaurant with great service that provide by High certification staffs.

Lately Lucas offers the Free service of sailing to children with social problems of villages, giving the opportunity to live ‘experience and sea life.

As an experienced sailor doing charters since many years I can guarantee wonderful and safe sailing in the archipelago comprising more than 40 islands with beautiful snorkeling and diving grounds. Snorkeling gear is available. Koh-Samui is one of the most popular destinations in Thailand. The weather all year will allow for moderate sailing conditions and  a lot of sun. Please, no hesitate to contact us for any inquiry info.

Luca is one of bon vivant that met in Asia through sailing. His love for the wide Ocean, the region of South East Asia, adventure and explorations quickly became apparent. Luca come from Italian country that well known for the food culture and this reflect on the excellent service provide to their guests. Luca is our senior skipper with the knowledge of Mother’s secret recipes that satisfied and so pleased to every person. The professional of casual atmosphere have always been very much appreciated by people from all steps of life.Breakfasts on deserted beaches, high quality lunches and unmatched hospitality are what the independence have been known for. The 5 star bed and breakfast of the Thai gulf as some people claim it to be. We often chartered for the best resort, hotel in East Asia and TV, film production houses that have recognized our exceptional service.

Our location on the East side of Thailand is the one that is lesser known in the sailing charter industry and where we can enjoy world class diving with Whale sharks and Island hop from one non-charter paradise to the other.

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    Day on the sea

    We found this unique sailing excursion through our hotel. We were initially looking for a fishing trip, but found this instead. It was a great decision! Our Captain Luca and the crew, who are quite a lovely. They have an extensive knowledge of the samui area and of sailing in general. Luca gave us very interesting information on the ecological systems that occur in the samui island and how the people and local interact with these. We cruised out to the reef where we were able to snorkel. We then went to the reef and the snorkeling was amazing. I have done snorkeling before, but have never seen this much. Captain luca was able to tell us exactly what we were seeing. After snorkeling, we enjoyed chef cuisine was amazing, courtesy of his grill on the back of the boat. It was delicious. Finally as the afternoon progressed, we slowly headed back and enjoyed the sunset and relaxation that only a sailboat can provide. It was an amazing day, a highlight of our entire trip! We highly recommend this to anyone who is considering a day on the sea. And thanks.

    jackdarwinjr August 20, 2017