22nd of May 2018 07:37 PM Link
7 days over night charter
Samui, Phangan, Anghtong, koh Tao, koh Ten
Smart Family from UK
20th of April 2018 04:18 PM Link
Sixsense Samui Chef Christian in relaxing half day trip to Koh Phangan Happy day
By Independence Yacht
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7th of April 2018 10:30 AM Link
Whale Shark on Dance of Love
Anghtong Marine Park Samui Thailand
By Independence Yacht Private day Trip
3rd of April 2018 06:47 PM Link
Miss. Nok she is Captain, Hostess, Chef and take care the beauty of Independence.
Thank you to be on board for 5 years When she no work play the Asia regattas
She still singol..i hope she never found a Sailor..
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26th of March 2018 05:16 PM Link
Private Fishing Tour
By Independence Yacht
Samui Thailand
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22nd of March 2018 06:23 PM Link
From Myanmar
The Lovely Guest's
Independence Yacht
By Lucas
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22nd of March 2018 10:15 AM Link
Independence Yacht @ Poppies Hotel
Sunset for Happy Europe Guest's
Koh Samui Thailand
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16th of March 2018 06:28 PM Link
The Crystal Champagne Sunset
VIP Guest's by Independence Yacht
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14th of March 2018 01:24 PM Link
Life on Board of Independence
Sailing in Samui Thailand only for
Awesome Peapol
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13th of March 2018 05:48 PM Link
South korea Honeymoon start today.. love on the air with Independence Yacht
Sailing in Samui Thailand
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12th of March 2018 08:26 PM Link
Poppies Hotel & Independence Yacht
The Partnetship Carrion with the First TripAdvisor hotel in Koh Samui.
Mr. James Thank you to Send me this old fashion gentlemen on board.
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10th of March 2018 03:45 PM Link
Independence Fashionable
7 Chinese Models on Board
Private Half Day Trip
Life like a Skipper
Koh Samui Thailand
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9th of March 2018 06:24 PM Link
New Independence Sunset
Saxofonist & Champagne
Welcome to Samui
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6th of March 2018 05:25 PM Link
Smart & Funny Guest's from London
Private Charter circumnavigation Phangan
Independence Yacht the Italian Style
6th of March 2018 05:20 PM Link
Smart & Funny UK guest's
Private Charter circumnavigate Phangan island
Amazing Sunset on video
Independence Yacht Charter Italian Style
5th of March 2018 06:03 PM Link
Over Night Charter to Koh Tao
Private Yacht & Italian Chef on board
By Independence Yacht Charter Samui
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2nd of March 2018 06:32 PM Link
From Brunei you want to Merry me?
Well done good news from Samui
Independence Yacht Thailand
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26th of February 2018 02:53 PM Link
Message image
26th of February 2018 02:51 PM Link
Message image
26th of February 2018 02:44 PM Link
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    Day on the sea

    We found this unique sailing excursion through our hotel. We were initially looking for a fishing trip, but found this instead. It was a great decision! Our Captain Luca and the crew, who are quite a lovely. They have an extensive knowledge of the samui area and of sailing in general. Luca gave us very interesting information on the ecological systems that occur in the samui island and how the people and local interact with these. We cruised out to the reef where we were able to snorkel. We then went to the reef and the snorkeling was amazing. I have done snorkeling before, but have never seen this much. Captain luca was able to tell us exactly what we were seeing. After snorkeling, we enjoyed chef cuisine was amazing, courtesy of his grill on the back of the boat. It was delicious. Finally as the afternoon progressed, we slowly headed back and enjoyed the sunset and relaxation that only a sailboat can provide. It was an amazing day, a highlight of our entire trip! We highly recommend this to anyone who is considering a day on the sea. And thanks.

    jackdarwinjr August 20, 2017